Simple and Quiet

The Bridge+Dealer sits at the middle of the bridge table and the bridge dealer invisibly and quietly shuffles the next deck of cards while you are playing

When you are ready for the next deal – like magic the cards emerge and four new hands are ready to be played.

Just insert the cards you have just played as guided by the tablet screen 

Unique Feature – Full card by card history on each and every game

If you all insert the cards you have just played while keeping the order of the cards – first played at the bottom of your hand – we will read the cards one by one and saves this unique information on each and every hand for your benefit


To start next Board and have the Cards ejected

Open and insert Cards and close

If you open while the dealer is dealing – just close it again (at a tournament keep it open to signal something is wrong – after several seconds we will register the lid open and shown an error – for the TD or the Club manager to react (but if you want them to come to your table just press help at the tablet)

Cards will be ejected automatically

Just reach out and grab your Cards – it’s that simple!

No trays – only two decks of Cards

No Cards ejected ?

The Bridge+More dealer controls intelligently if the cards should be ejected

If not ejected – please look at the tablet screen – maybe you have to change table?

Unique Feature – Allow the ejection of the Cards – or not!

To illustrate how advanced our solution is you can by a simple setting decide if cards should be ejected or not if a table are behind with the registration of the previous boards bid (if chosen) and results.

We believe in the good memory of the players  – and allow one board delay – and you and the player will be informed that they are behind first on the dealer and on the tablet but can continue to play!

Unique Feature – Control the ejection of the Cards

You can control when the Cards are to be ejected – with a click of a mouse

It looks fantastic to start a tournament with Cards on all tables at the same time – see below