We have now two new Bridge+More dealers versions – Premium and Select.


The Select version and have a plastic casing and is much lighter at 1.2 kilo – than the Premium version with a metal casing and therefore weighs 2.2 kilo.

The Premium have the lid especially designed by Steve McGugan to optimize the flow of the game – while the Select  have a functional simple design.

Both the new bridge dealers are based upon the first bridge dealer version from 2017 (now labelled the Classic dealer).

Actually the use of the label dealer is not precise as our dealers is both a card dealer and a reader of the played cards sequence.

The new models are launched in accordance with our efforts to continuously improve and to continuously add new features to the Bridge+More solution – therefore, we have added new developments to the two new models and we have developed unique new firmware and software.

Details Premium

Details Select

The “Select” dealer 

(launched 2020)

The “Premium” dealer 

(launched 2020)

The “Classic” dealer