Bridge Company was founded in 2009 (under the name Bridge4People) with the purpose of developing and selling innovative products and services to the bridge world.

Bridge Company is driven by our passion for the game of bridge and the opportunities made possible by the latest technologies.

Bridge Company is convinced that combining the traditional social setting where people meet to play with the latest tablet or smartphone technologies and web or cloud software will not only improve each user’s bridge skills, involvement and fun but also bring every bridge game to a new level.

One of the cornerstones of the company was the BridgeSpinner development which took several years. In 2014 Bridge Company started demonstrations and live tests of the first versions of the device. This first spinner device has now been developed into a full and complete solution labeled Bridge+More.

Bridge+More was first used at an international tournament in January 2015 at the Copenhagen Bridge Invitational.

The Bridge Company’s headquarter is located in Denmark and Bridge Company is owned by a group of private investors.