The Bridge+More Solution is the only option for Social Bridge Games – and we have even made it simple and easy to play – and more fun as mentioned in the feedbacks shown above

The Bridge+More Solution handles all your and all your friends’ expectations and requirements to Social Bridge Games and emphasizes our mission to:

  • Make bridge games even more exciting
  • More fun for all your friends
  • Offer unique social games options
  • Make the handling of the social bridge games easy and simple!

The Bridge+More solution meets both the requirements of private clubs, bridge clubs, and clubs associated with a federation – and every solution can be used at all types of usages.

The Bridge+More solution is the only complete bridge solution available.

Easy handling of all social bridge games with the Bridge+More Solution:

With access to a browser you can easily create and manage all relevant social bridge games  – as shown at the picture at right:

  • Fast and easy games – be ready to play with 2 clicks of a mouse,
  • Pair games
    • ,
  • Individual games
  • Chicago – Single Table Individual Games
  • Single Table Games (Just play along) – incl Replay Games
  • Shared Games
  • Reference Games
  • Individual Reference Games

Please notice with a Bridge+More Solution all of our games are true barometer games (full barometer means all tables play the same hands at the same time). Why, simply because barometer games are more fun, more fair and have many other clear advantages – and our unique solution has made barometer logistic simple!

Our unique process has made barometer simple – and notice you only use just two decks of cards per table (while you play current hands the dealer prepare next (and read card by card history of the board before the board in your hands)

The Bridge+More Solution offers your friends multiple options and advantages for their bridge games and skills:

As mentioned all games on Bridge+More Solutions are barometer games because barometer games have many advantages like:

  • More fun
  • You are allowed to talk about the game
  • Easy to understand real-time – and fair and comparable – results details. We use simple and well-known methods – browser access – to present results or automatically streamed results – to whom and where you want
  • Very simple but flexible results presentation option and streamed result options – also flexible in font size and in a functional design that pleases and elderly eyes
  • Detailed data can be presented (if wanted – you manage detail level and timing)

Please also notice;

  • We offer you unique game details, including full bidding sequence, and card by card play sequence – on your played hands as well as most of the references games
  • Real-time results – detailed and fully controllable in all details, zoom options (to offer an easy for the elderly eye font size) and update timing control
  • Real-time means real-time – press Accept to enter the current board games details and see the effect immediately – surprisingly easy as shown at the right
  • Your friends can also access the details for themselves via a browser when they want – as they will have a login and a profile with full game details and game history.

Advantages, that will give you and your friends the most interesting bridge games and game options – see below – that allow you to compare your game details and how you played with the best of the best.

Of course, you can decide how much (or how little) information you want to be available to your friends – or others. Access and privileges to game data are also for you to decide. Sounds complex – it’s not – simple use default settings or asks us for help!

The Bridge+More Solution offers a unique and very popular game option – Reference game!

Let us select or select from a long list of historical bridge tournaments a reference.

Play as if you and your friends had been present – enter games details and see life real-time results. In other words, compare game details with the original results presented board by board as you play!

And it gets even better – you can compare unique  data like bid sequence and play sequence (see below) with the original players and learn from the best of the best bridge players

See a result examples below – easy to access while playing or whenever after – by you and your friends. And it is simple – you just need a browser!

The Bridge+More Solution supports all requirements of social bridge games:

At Bridge Company, we use a number of selected technologies to offer better bridge solutions. We always use standard methods and tools – an important principle to reduce our’s and your’s technical risks and your costs.

The Bridge+More solution combines several technologies – but don’t be scared – you know them already and know how to use them: Internet, Wi-FI, browsers, tablets, apps… Technologies that make it simple for us to be able to do all processes in real-time, manage a high level of information, and ensuring you we can make bridge easier – to play, to learn, and to manage bridge.

Our unique – and patent-protected – approach also means we can offer a wide variety of options and features you have never seen before – for example, features that give you much easier handling of bridge games – gives you more time (and data) to have an interesting dialog with your friends – as no time needs to be spent on dealing cards.

Other features to mention:

  • Flexibility – when and where – Meaning, you can set-up your game today in your garden for Saturday (and nobody can see card details in advance – not even you!),
  • You can have a real-time overview of the game details and progress,
  •  Built-in Support options you have never seen before – because we have a technical insight in real time – we could actually manage a game for you and your friends.

We have a committed team of developers – some also well known high ranking bridge players – and we will continue to develop, improve and add new features – not just because we can – but also because we strongly believe bridge – you, new, younger players – need it!

The Bridge+More Solution is the only complete, universal, and truly flexible bridge solution!