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The Bridge+More Solution supports all requirements of Bridge Clubs:

The Bridge+More Solution supports all requirements of bridge clubs and emphasizes our mission to:

  • Make bridge games even more exciting, and
  • More fun for all players, and
  • Make the handling in the club of bridge games much easier!

The Bridge+More Solution meets both the requirements of a club associated with a federation or a private club.  The Bridge+More Solution is the only complete bridge solution and it includes a flexible synchronization to ensure our club users in a simple manner can comply with all federation’s data and reporting requirements.

Easy handling of all bridge games with the Bridge+More solution:

With access to a browser you can easily create and manage all relevant bridge games  – as shown on the picture on the right:

  • Fast and easy games – ready to play with 2 clicks of a mouse,
  • Pair
  • Individual games
  • A number of Team tournament types
  • We have made both Swiss pair and Swiss Team easier for both the club and the players than ever before (Swiss game types often also labeled Monrad)

All games on Bridge+More Solutions are true barometer games (barometer means all tables play the same hands at the same time) because barometer games have many advantages like:

  • More fun
  • You are allowed to talk about the game
  • Easy to understand real-time – and fair and comparable – results details. We use simple and well-known methods – browser access – to present results or automatically streamed results – to whom and where you want
  • Very simple but flexible results presentation option and streamed result options – also flexible in font size and in a functional design that pleases and elderly set of eyes
  • Detailed data can be presented (if wanted – you manage detail level and timing)
  • Point series.

Our unique process has made barometer simple – it’s actually a huge step forward for the world of Bridge as your games will not be limited by a big workload to be prepared that inclines you to reduce the number pre-dealt cards – often with reduced fun and fairness as a result …

No more dealing of cards are required, no more trays to handle, no more big piles of cards – as the Bridge+More Solution only use two decks of cards per table (while you play current hands the dealer prepare next (and the Dealer read the card by card history of the board while dealing)

Other benefits:

  • Handles both multiple sections and multiple game days (sessions),
  • Multiple games, tournaments, teaching classes at the same time – No limitations
  • Combine devices over multiple sections for a smooth transition – you can play for example one section with other reporting device & lots of trays with card and the other sections on Bridge+More solutions
  • Add and remove tables on the fly – no time delay in starting the game!
  • Easy result reporting by screen (browsers) and on paper (Pdf / Excel) and export to all know bridge file format (and import)
  • Monitor – automatically results streamed with a click.

There are many more advantages with the Bridge+More Solution for any club – but most important is the fact that the club will save both time and money on not having to use a shuffler, a lot of card trays, and piles of cards – as illustrated from the Norwegian festival – compare all the red boxes filled with cards in the background with the case in front of the flight cases!

Notice, errors like having cards turned the wrong way in trays and trays being misplaced are also eliminated!

bridge games
bridge games

The Bridge+More solution have made it simple and fast to both create and manage a tournament:

Establishing a tournament is quick and easy to do!

All you need to know is approx. how many tables will be playing – as everything can be adjusted at any time.

You might need to answer some questions about the game – it depends if you want to use a “Basic” games with set defaults or want to use our “Advanced” options where you can control all details – many can even be changed after the game have been started.

Our solution is actually so flexible that even if you thought there were going to be 20 tables and 18 showed up – you can quickly with a few easily adjust the parameters without having to recreate the game!

Players can be registered ahead of time or they can register themselves at the table (simply by their Federation number or by name, by email – or searched).

Changes and or corrections can be made with a few click – and the effect is shown immediately!

The Bridge+More Solution also offers your club’s members multiple advantages:

The principles and features for a club as mentioned above – are also the core elements of our ability to give your club’s members a multitude of unique advantages:

  • Offer (also) unique game details, including full bidding sequence, and card by card play sequence
  • Real-time results – detailed and fully controllable in all details, zoom options (to offer an easy for the elderly eye font size) and update timing control
  • Real-time means real-time – press Accept and see the effect – surprisingly easy as shown at right
  • Your members can also access the results at home for themselves easy and simple via a browser – and have a login to access their games profile with game details and the history of their games.

Of course, you as the tournament director/club manager can decide how much (or how little) information the clubs want to be available to the players – or others. Access and privileges to game data are also for you to decide as you feel appropriate.

bridge games
bridge games

The Bridge+More Solution supports all requirements of bridge clubs:

At Bridge Company, we use a number of selected technologies to offer better bridge solutions. We always use standard methods and tools – an important principle to reduce ours and your technical risks and your costs.

The Bridge+More Solution combines several technologies – but don’t be scared – you know them already and know how to use them: Internet, Wi-FI, browsers, tablets, apps… Technologies that make it simple for us to be able to do all processes in real-time, manage a high level of information, and ensuring you we can make bridge easier – to play, to learn, and to manage bridge.

Our unique – and patent-protected – approach also means we can offer a wide variety of options and features you have never seen before. For example, features that give a club much easier handling of their tournaments – more time to have an interesting dialog with your members – as none of your time needs to be spent on dealing cards – and look forward to listening and be talking to your club’s members about their game in breaks and pauses.

Other features to mention:

  • Flexibility – when and where – Meaning, you can set-up the games today in your garden for next Monday (and nobody can see card details in advance),
  • The club have a real-time overview of the game details and progress – sorry, game details as you can follow multiple games in the club at the same time (and yes – the management is also flexible – you don’t have to be present just access to a browser),
  •  Built-in Support options you have never seen before – because we have a technical insight in real time – we could actually manage a game for you.

We have a committed team of developers – some also well known high ranking bridge players – and we will continue to develop, improve and add new features – not just because we can – but also because we strongly believe bridge – you, new, younger players – need it!

The Bridge+More Solution supports all requirements of federations

The Bridge+More Solution supports all requirements of Federations and the co-operation with national associations is seamless and easy – you can choose how much you want to use the technology of your national association, or how much you want to use our technology. Import/export of any know bridge file format, card distributions, handicaps, and results are easy and fast.

Members can easily register themselves on the tablet or can be registered in advance on the web – simply by entering their Federation number – or by importing from previous tournaments (on the web).

Our system is actually so advanced it automatically detects 30+ variations of a bws file (no standard exist (we know from our customers in more than 35 countries)) and we have also removed other of the limitations in the bws file (for example you don’t need to have all game activities cramped into one file as sections).

bridge games

The Bridge+More solution is the only complete, universal, and truly flexible bridge solution!