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As the development of bridge devices and bridge software is a very complex process, we might not have made everything perfect from the start! – but we have many enthusiastic and active users to help us to offer better bridge games, and their feedback and suggestions have ensured we get it right ASAP.

And please notice – If we don’t get it right first time we measure our ability to fix errors in minutes and hours – not in months and years!

We have built a process where we can offer our users real-time support, we log 100.000+ data points per table per tournament – data which helps us to identify issues often before our user’s experience it and we continuously develop and continuously improve our solution and the usage and interface – like we continuously add new features and new options.

We also stress test our products – as illustrated – to make sure it can stand high frequent daily usage but please also remember the dealer is a device with moving parts and very fine tolerances – as we precisely select one a 0.3-millimeter thin card one by one.

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Above you can find a small part of the feedback and comments have received over the last 2 years. All feedback we show above has been accepted by the source (Notice – text can be our translation from the original language).