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A dealer

Two deck of cards

A standard tablet

 A browser

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The Select dealer
The Select dealer

The Bridge+More Dealer is very simple to use for everybody – old or young – novice or experienced

The dealer sits at the center of the bridge table and invisibly and quietly deals the next board while you bid and then play current board.

When you are ready for the next set of hands – then simply insert the cards you have just played – and like magic the already dealt cards for next board emerge and four new hands are ready for each of you to reach out at take

Yes – also easy to use for the players!

The simple handling and ease of play is important parts – as our real time results features, our unique game options and especially how we made barometer games a zero effort standard – in achieving our amazing feedback – the Bridge+More solution makes Bridge more fun 


Above you can see some of the details of the Select dealer – mouse over a number for details.

Please remember if you don’t mess up the play order of the inserted cards the dealer records the play sequence – for you to study exactly how the hands were played.

And notice – we only use two deck of cards per table – no trays, no piles of cards to prepare!

With the Bridge+More solution you use a tablet to register all game details and present game information

By using a standard tablet we have the optimal combination of cost and screen size on long lasting battery driven devices – and remember everybody knows or can learn how to use a tablet – to ensure our acclaimed ease of use.

By using a tablet we can also offer an amazing flexibility to you – the tablet can show exactly the by you chosen combination of details – like you below can select tablet screen samples with a click

The Bridge+More solution use a standard browser for you to setup and manage the game – and to present or stream result details 

By using a standard browser we make it easy for you – and we have made the user interface simple, we use a few colors to emphasize actions or alerts – and you can enlarge screen sizes dynamically to ease elderly eyes.

See below screes samples from the both the simple tournament setup – a few tabs – and show how easy to manage – and to know the status a tournament. We also show samples from our results presentation.

Despite being both advanced and revolutionary, the Bridge+More Dealer is surprisingly easy to use due to the intuitive interface of both the Dealer and the Bridge+More Tablet.

We ensure you keep enjoying the magic of bridge, we enhance both the traditions and the excitements of bridge and we enforce the social elements of playing!

We are updating this and our other websites to the new dealer versions and our latest software updates – see and – please contact us at for any questions 

Our unique and patent protected Bridge solution has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of modern technologies and use the latest developments in tablets and smartphones while maintaining the traditional – and fun – way of playing bridge with Cards in your hands.

The Bridge+Dealer sits at the middle of the bridge table and invisibly and quietly deals the next hands while you play. When you are ready for the next deal – the cards emerge like magic, and four new hands are ready for play. Just insert the cards you have just played without messing up the order and the dealer records the exact way the hands were played.