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Please notice the following:

  • All comments and observations  are welcome
  • The shop uses your location automatically to select your currency
  • Customers from an EU country will see prices including local VAT – VAT exemption is easy to achieve – Enter VAT/company number
  • Customers from outside will see prices before eventual local taxes. Eventual taxes will be invoiced by our shipping provider
  • Transport is estimated – we might contact you for further details. Notice our shipping provider asks for a mobile number to be able to contact you before the final delivery

Principles to notice :

  • A Bridge+More solution consists of a dealer, 2 decks of cards (red & blue) and a subscription. Buying a tablet is optional. Notice – We support both Android and iOS (Apple) devices.
  • We recommend 2 extra decks of cards – just in case
  • We offer a number of purpose-built accessories – cases, special multiport USB chargers, etc.