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Happy New Year - and exciting news - a new dealer version and 12 new apps! - attachmentImage attachment
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - and exciting news - 4 new apps! Read about our new games options specially made to handle a decreasing Covid-19 burden. attachmentImage attachment

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Very nice updates. The below is a perfect solution if you normally have 6 tables(dealers), and for ones you have 7 tables. "We have hereby also created an option for easy and cheap stepwise transition to dealers"

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us to you and your family.

Like last year at X-mas where we launched 2 new dealers - we are proud to inform that we are launching 4 new apps!

The first new app I mention is a new online app for 4 tablets - we call it our Live app 

Please notice 
•    We have hereby created a unique option for clubs as they can play some tables at the club and play some tables remotely at the same time.        
•    We have hereby also created an option for easy and cheap stepwise transition to dealers. 

•    We will also open-up for the reference games on 4 tablets 

We have made the Live app very flexible and the app can utilize all our tournament types, reporting to federations with a few clicks and use our advanced and fully integrated results presentation.

Our social private users should notice we also plan to offer our unique Reference games for the Live app 

All our 4 new apps use our web server platform - and all works nicely as one solution – all data, results, history, profiles will be on the server and can be shared 

Kren NielsenImage attachment
Notice - our Special Black Friday Offer ends today!
Just in time for the holidays, we offer you 10% off the Bridge+More Select Dealer and 20% off accessories. Just send an email to for more details! Offer ends Sunday 23:59
☹️Our Deepest condolences Kren Nielsen

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Is there an option to buy just the dealer without a tablet? Many users already have a tablet they can use.

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