The Bridge+More Solution is very simple to use for everybody – regardless of age, bridge level, or bridge experiences.

How does the Bridge+More Solution work?

  • You create the bridge tournament on the Bridge+More server on the internet with a browser – it can be as easy as 2 simple clicks or as flexible to enter the tournament options you want to use – the Bridge+More tablet app communicates with the server and submits the card distribution to the Bridge+More dealer.
  • The Bridge+More dealer sits discretely at the center of the bridge table and quietly deals the next board while you bid and then play the current board. A player (North) registers the game details on the tablet and the players can see the results immediately.
  • When you are ready to play the next hands – simply insert the cards you have just played into the dealer – and like magic, as the next board has been dealt it emerges from the dealer ready for each of the players to simply reach out and take the hand in front of each of the players.
  • Notice – you only use two decks of cards per table. Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • All details about the game are registered on the Bridge+More tablet app in real-time and automatically uploaded to the Bridge+More server where the detailed game results are calculated and results are presented in real-time when and where you want to see the results (also with our unique details) – on the web and in the Bridge+More app on your tablet. You can even stream results in a browser with our monitor feature that updates the results automatically.  

In other words, it’s simple to use the Bridge+More Solution – and it’s also easy to use for the players!

The Bridge+More Solution can also be used all around the world and have already users in more than 40 countries.

The simple handling and ease of play are important features Bridge+More Solution – as our real-time results features, our unique game options, and especially how we made barometer games a zero effort standard – as well as the many other features the Bridge+More Solution offers.