Sale of the Bridge+More solution

The sale of the Bridge+More solution have been started in Denmark to both bridge clubs and for private usage

Sales in selected countries will be initiated in the following months. Should you be interested in becoming an early adopter please contact us at

Certain features and option have yet to been launched. Features and options specified and illustrated here can be changed or re-prioritized as a consequence of our users, use cases and tests. These have been labelled with the wording “will see” or marked *

The price for a Bridge+More solution will consist of a price for the solution inclusive access to the Bridge+Server and two decks of Bridge+Card – the usage will also require a standard tablet – please see more here

The payback and / or investment rationale for a Bridge+More solution will depend on each buyers usage and situation – we have here mentioned some of the criterias we recommend you should use in your evaluation

An option to rent or lease the Bridge+More solution for clubs is under considerations and interested parties can contact us at

The access to the Bridge+Server will include everybody that plays bridge at a Bridge+Dealer in the club or plays as owner or guest. To access results a player will have to register but registration is not required as results can be presented by other players

The Bridge+Tablet software is downloadable for free for our users – please follow instructions in the user FAQ (login required)

Should you lose a card and therefore need a new deck of Bridge+Card or other supplement parts these can be acquired from Bridge Company

More advanced features and usages (some of the features and options mentioned under + and More) will after a period have either a customary usage fee or a customary membership fee

Special requirements can also be added for either a one time fee or a maintenance fee if relevant due to development or maintenance costs